Recent Client Testimonials

We would wholeheartedly recommend MQ Letting to anyone who is looking for a letting and managing agent.”

Michael and Lisa Jackson, Edinburgh



“I was moving back to Scotland from Stratford-Upon-Avon to take up a new post in the hotel industry.

Richard’s whole approach to the deal was very impressive.  He explained how things would work, who the landlord was and what was expected of me.

To be honest, I bought into Richard before I was convinced about the house.

MQ Letting were superb.  Any time I emailed them about a problem, they were back to me as quick as a flash.

Working in the hotel industry, I expect complaints to be sorted out ASAP – and that was how it was with MQ Letting.

If anyone’s thinking about renting, I’d suggest talking to this company.  I would have no hesitation recommending them.”

Allan Wilson, renting a detached property in Kilbirnie, Ayrshire.

“I had some experience of letting a property but that was 30 years ago and I realised the market had changed.

We decided to get the professionals in when we came into possession of my mother-in-law’s house.

The MQ Letting agent got us a tenant within a couple of weeks, which was great. I remember he placed great importance on their vetting system, which involved interviewing people to make sure we got the right sort of tenant.

He also told me that if I was prepared to be realistic about the rental rate, it would not be long before the place attracted attention. And he was right.

The speed with which he found a tenant was excellent and I like the emphasis MQ Letting places on screening possible occupants.

“I would be only too happy to recommend them.”

Norman McLean, letting a two-bed flat in Glasgow’s Shettleston.


“Being a landlord living abroad, I need an agent that I can trust to properly look after my property and tenants.

Unfortunately, that did not happen in the past with my previous three agents, resulting in me doing the job  from abroad and having to repeatedly fly to the UK to sort out issues.

But that is no longer the case.  I have been with MQ Letting for about a year now and it really has been hassle-free.

For the first time in being a landlord, I'm now confident both the tenants and my property are getting properly looked after.

The agency is 100% involved.  I get messaged instantly when any issues are needing addressed and then the issues are promptly dealt with and sorted without me needing to be directly involved, which is perfect for me. 

So all that being said, I would definitely recommend this company above any other.

I just wish I had found them five years ago.  My life would have been a lot less stressful.”

Ex-pat Clare Stefanova, letting a three-bed semi in Kilmarnock.


“I’ve already recommended people I know who have property that they should consider MQ Letting.

I got to know them after a friend recommended them on Facebook.  I got in touch and Richard came out to see us.

Richard was very down to earth and extremely reassuring.

I hadn’t let anything before and I was considering renting the property on my own. Frankly, it’s more hassle than it’s worth.

My brother let a property through another company and he received a shocking service.

I’ve been with MQ Letting four months now and it’s been great so far; not a bit of hassle.

Richard does everything for you!”

Gillian Lillis, renting a two-bed tenement flat in Paisley.


“So far, my experience of working with MQ Letting has been perfect.

I am living just outside Glasgow just now and the property we are renting is in Selkirk.  I work full-time and my husband runs a business so we don’t have time to be down there too much – it’s a 240-mile round trip.

Richard at MQ Letting has kept us in the loop at every turn, sending me emails, putting it on the market and letting the property.

He came up with three young lads as potential tenants, which made me a bit hesitant.  But Richard took it upon himself to phone their parents – and the feedback was very positive.

That removed any negative thoughts I had.

I would say MQ Letting are an excellent company to deal with; I don’t have a single negative thing to say about them.

Good communication is vital and they have kept me informed all along the way.”

Marian Lundy, renting a three-storey sandstone terraced house in Selkirk.


“I had a nightmare experience with a tenant when I was renting out my property myself.

There was damage to the flat, it was just awful.

I made inquiries of a few professional letting companies and Richard from MQ Letting was the first to get back to me.  That quick response was good but I also liked the fact that there was no charge for advertising.

I received a quality service.  The property was rented out in four weeks, with Richard keeping me up to date with everything.

He carried out the necessary checks and there was found to be no issues.

You can’t ask for more than that.  I have already recommended MQ Letting to friends of mine.  They were with another company but I suggested they switch.

I am very happy.”

June Charlwood, renting a three-bedroom end terrace villa in Kilmarnock.


“Renting is definitely the way ahead at the moment.

I had been with a local agent before MQ Letting.  But getting a company that covers all of Scotland gives you access to a bigger market.

MQ Letting were very efficient and professional.  They kept me supplied with regular updates, which is good because I don’t like chasing people.

Within about two weeks, they had found me a tenant.  The person said they wanted the property painted before they moved in, which was fine.

I got the work done and there have been no problems at all.

To me, MQ Letting were really good.”

Peter Singh, letting a four-bedroom detached villa in Kilbrinie, Ayrshire.


“We had a horrendous experience when we let out my daughter’s flat without going through an agent.

The tenant carried out identity theft on my daughter, running up debts of thousands of pounds in her name.

It took me nine months to restore her credit rating but we vowed we wouldn’t get caught out like that again.

MQ Letting’s service has been brilliant for us.  They carry out vetting on potential tenants to give you peace of mind.

The flat has been in my family since the 1940’s so it is very important to us for emotional as well as economic reasons.

After we decided to go with MQ Letting, the property went ‘live’ on the site on the Friday and the successful tenant was viewing it on the Sunday.

That was a year ago – and she had just signed up for a second year.  We are delighted the way it has worked out.”

Anne Wood, helping her daughter rent out a two-bedroom flat in Scotstoun, Glasgow.


“We have had our property for five or six years.  It became too big for our relatives to live in, and we decided to let it.

We met up with Barry at MQ Letting and he carefully explained their letting policy.  We were a bit skeptical at first but ended up being chuffed to bits.

Barry and Lesley were brilliant from the word go and Richard quickly lined up a tenant, who’s due to move in shortly.

I could only describe my experience of MQ Letting as fantastic.  The service was second to none.”

Andy Smith, letting a three-bedroom semi-detached house in Glasgow.


“I have started to put together a small portfolio of buy-to-let properties.  I had some money sitting in an account but, like everyone else, I was pretty disappointed with the interest being paid out.
Barry at MQ Letting suggested it may be a good time to get into property and I started off with a small flat in Kilmarnock.  Then, through MQ Letting, I bought a second flat in Hamilton and I asked them to help me let it out, too.

They adopt quite strict vetting procedures when it comes to prospective tenants.  There was a lot of interest in the Hamilton flat and MQ Letting could have let it within a week or two.  But they held off until the right people came along, a nice couple with a kid.

I had spent a bit of money on it, fitting it out in new carpets and a new kitchen in the hope that the people moving in would really appreciate it and look after it.

MQ Letting dealt with everything, even arranging to switch utility companies.  I had just one meeting with Barry and he took over everything; it was great.

I viewed another flat today and am thinking about putting in an offer for that, too.  If I get it, I’ll be asking Move Quick to let it for me as well.”

Gordon Hill


“I had been trying to sell my home but it just wasn’t happening because the way the market is.

I did a bit of research on the internet and came up with the MQ Letting site.  I had a meeting about letting out my flat and within a week, they had found me the right tenant.

Initially, the rental period is just six months but now that it’s going well, I am looking to rent it out long-term.

I am coming to the letting business for the first time but I have to say it has worked out fine.  I’m very happy.”

Alison Robbie, renting out a one-bedroom flat in Glasgow’s Dennistoun.


“We contacted MQ Letting to rent and manage our property, which we have been unable to sell in the current market.

Richard got in touch with us the next day and at a meeting we arranged, he spent time explaining the rental process, what we needed to put into place and also telling us a bit about the history of the company.

We came away feeling confident that we had made the right decision by choosing MQ Letting to handle the rental of our house.

We agreed to act on Richard’s advice on becoming Landlords, setting up insurances etc. and he talked us through the registration process.

Once we had everything in place, we had four sets of prospective tenants view the property. We attended these viewings, organised by MQ Letting, and we had the final decision over which tenant we wanted in the property.

We have been very impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail that MQ Letting have delivered during the setting up of our first rental property, and throughout the entire process of finding a tenant.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Quick Move to anyone who is looking for a letting and managing agent.”

Michael and Lisa Jackson, Edinburgh


“I had never let a property before so I didn’t know what to expect.  But, with MQ Letting, I needn’t have worried.

I had a two / three bedroom apartment in Glasgow’s city centre to let out because I planned to move in with my girlfriend.

Richard from MQ Letting came to see me and gave me an idea of how much rent I’d expect to receive a month.

Within days, they had found a tenant and I was delighted when they were able to move in just weeks later.

Everything is going really well now.  There was an issue with the boiler just after the new people moved in but MQ Letting sorted that out too.

I am pretty busy at work, so I don’t really have the time to look after another property.

Now, I just sit back and wait for the rent cheque to arrive every month!”

Stewart Russell, golf professional



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